COMMUTERS from Oxfordshire will be able to easily recycle their coffee cups now Chiltern Railways has introduced recycling stations at Marylebone.

Today the train operator became the first to implement the coffee cup recycling stations to help cut waste.

The recycling stations include a section each for lids, liquids and cups and estimate that it is expected to collect some 300,000 cups a year.

The cups will then be collected by Simply Cups who will recycle them into products like pens, notepads and reusable cups.

Alan Riley, of Chiltern Railways, said: "With the knowledge that over five billion paper cups are making their way into landfills and incineration each year, we feel it is our duty to set a standard of excellence for the rail industry and provide our customers a guaranteed way of recycling their used cups.

"This scheme is the first of its kind in the rail industry and, while we’re proud to be championing it on behalf of our customers, the hope is that this is quickly adopted across other parts of the rail network."