A 'HORRENDOUS' Oxford pothole claimed another victim yesterday as motorists struggled to avoid hitting the 'four-inch crater'.

Mechanic Robert Hall, from nearby Sandford on Thames garage TJ Hall and Son Ltd, said the business had been visited by three drivers since Saturday who had fallen foul of the pothole on Brick Kiln Lane, near the A4074 flyover.

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He said: "It's horrendous. It appeared on Saturday morning after all the heavy rain on Friday night.

"There's been three people in with damaged wheels from it, and that is just this garage. It's less of a hole and more a crater at this point."

Oxford Mail:

He added he thought the hole was around four inches deep and water covered his entire boot when he put his foot inside.

The problem was reported twice over the weekend to Oxfordshire County Council via website fixmystreet.com.

The first, on Saturday morning, was posted anonymously and warned: “It’s really bad cars have been swerving out of the way.”

Oxford Mail:

Adam Purcell also reported the issue that evening after damaging his own car, writing: “I hit this pothole with my vehicle at around 2pm today, it blew the tyre and buckled the wheel.”

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He added: “Many vehicles swerving onto the other side of the road to avoid it including police vehicles. Quite a few hitting it as they had no choice.”

A red marker, indicating a pothole is due to be repaired, has now been painted around the hazard.