A CONMAN has admitted faking pay slip signatures in connection with a mortgage fraud.

Ahmed Khan, of Heron Court, Bicester, was set to stand trial for one count of forgery and one count of possession of articles used in relation to fraud.

In a last minute change of heart the 56-year old pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court on Monday.

Prosecutors said that Khan carried out his forgeries between October 19 2009 and January 16 2015.

During that time he created fake signatures purporting to be that of Waseem Iqbal, a chartered management accountant.

He was also found to be in possession of 36 "SAGE" payslips, which were connected with the scam, on March 17 2015.

After he pleaded guilty to both offence this week Judge Peter Ross agreed that he would adjourn the case while a pre-sentence report is prepared by the National Probation Service, and he was released on bail.

Judge Ross told Khan before he left the dock: “The fact that I am giving you bail, the fact that I am ordering a pre-sentence report is no indication as to the likely sentence.

“As I have said this passes the custody threshold and I will have custody in mind.

“Whether it is immediate or suspended this is a matter I will have to determine.”

The sentencing hearing will be held at the same court on March 14.