A CAFE has been inundated with interest since it became the first in Oxford to offer 'cannabis coffees', according to its managers.

The Organic Deli Café in Friars Entry started selling coffees infused with Cannabidiol (CBD)at the weekend and customers have been lining up to try the drink, which supposedly has several medicinal benefits.

Yesterday the Oxford Mail visited to see what the fuss is about and meet the team who have brought the craze over from the United States.

Sam Kearns, the general manager of the cafe, said: "We've stocked the CBD oil and drops for a while and always knew there might be an appetite for the coffee.

"It's offered in a lot of cities in the US and is starting to appear in London but no one else was doing it here.

"It made sense to give it a try, to see what the reaction was, and so far we've had a lot of interest.

"People are coming in with almost a palpable sense of relief that it is finally here."

The drink is made in the same way as a regular coffee but the shot of CBD oil is added at the beginning to give it more of an oily, green texture and distinct smell.

Oxford Mail:

It can be mixed into all lattes, cappuccinos and americanos and costs £2.50 on top of the regular price of the drink.

CBD is a natural extract of the hemp plant and is not illegal or intoxicating.

It has many fans and has been heralded as curing everything from insomnia to muscle pain but the true extent of its medicinal benefits is yet to be established.

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Mr Kearns said it usually takes 10-15 minutes to feel the effects of drinking the coffee and it can leave people feeling mellower and less anxious.

Long-term CBD usage is needed before experiencing the full health benefits and Mr Kearns said those drinking one coffee a day would likely see a noticeable impact over time.

He said: "I would describe it as an equalising effect. It rebalances your mental landscape.

"It is clear the studies into this are in the early stages.

Oxford Mail:

"We would never say to someone this is 100 per cent what it will do for you but we can explain some of the purported benefits and let them judge for themselves.

"The fad, if you want to call it that, isn't slowing down anytime soon.

"I wouldn't be surprised if this is a standard option in coffee shops in one or two years time."

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Oxford-based researchers are leading the research into CBD and how it can be used to treat chronic conditions.

Originally started as part of Oxford University, Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies is now a standalone company set up to further the scientific research in this area.