OXFORD’S nightlife could take a hit after a cheaper evening train ticket was quietly scrapped.

The ‘evening out’ return has long been treated as a less expensive option for those travelling into the city from Banbury and intervening stations but passengers have found the ticket is no longer available since January.

Chris Manley, who used to pay £2.90 for the fare with a railcard, now has to pay £6.80 every time - a rise of nearly 135 per cent.

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The Oxford-born council worker, who has bought the ticket for the ten years he has lived in Banbury, is now having to scale back the number of times he can travel per week, affecting the community and charity work he is involved with.

He said: “I don’t think a lot of people will look at this and think a 135 per cent rise won’t make a difference.

“Most will, like me, have to consider how many times they can afford to travel.

Oxford Mail:

“Rather than visit once or twice a week, I can only come in once or twice a month now.

“It’s not just to see mates, I’m having to tell the groups I’m involved with that I can’t afford to come to the meetings and they will have to go on without me.”

The little-known about fare came into force from the 6.55pm service and was useful for those heading out to the city’s bars and restaurants as well as evening entertainment.

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Mr Manley said the cheaper trains were never full and he believes any extra money that will be made by cutting the saver ticket will be ‘negligible’.

He added: “It’s is an astonishing rise and we’ve had absolutely no warning. I’ve had no explanation or apology.

“This is a time where we are meant to be promoting more sustainable ways of travel and how is this going to help?

“I highly doubt it will boost profits and it comes at a considerable cost to those who valued having this option.”

Mr Manley said his questions to Great Western Railway, who offered the ticket, have not been satisfactorily answered.

GWR did not respond to requests for comment.