MOTORIST Robin Swailes said it with flowers in 1986 when he was booked by the same traffic warden for the tenth time in a month.

He sent warden Marie Davey a single rose in the hope it would win her heart – and stop her giving him any more parking tickets.

The 24-year-old from Witney Road, Long Hanborough, got his tickets for parking illegally outside the estate agents office in High Street, Oxford, where he worked as a negotiator.

He said: "I've been getting an awful lot of tickets from one particular traffic warden while my colleagues don't get any at all."

The message which accompanied the rose, sent to Mrs Davey at St Aldate's police station in Oxford said: "With all the tickets I keep receiving from you, I can alas only afford one rose. I really should be annoyed with all the attention. I feel you should have something nice – Robin."

Mrs Davey, who lived in Wallingford, said the rose was a lovely surprise.

She said: "It shows he has a sense of humour – and I like that."

Despite that, she said she would still have to book his car if she found it parked illegally.