IN October 1985, The Oxford Mail reported on a pair of seemingly innocuous backbench Labour MPs having a 'scuffle' in Parliament.

'Astonished' colleagues watched on as one grabbed the other 'by the lapel' in a face-to-face row.

The whole incident was probably overblown - one, Robert Kilroy-Silk, merely became a chat show host and the other is, well, favourite to be Britain's next prime minister.

The row broke out when Mr Kilroy-Silk challenged Mr Corbyn 'over remarks he made during a weekend television programme', according to the now Labour leader.

"MPs looked on as the two appeared to be near to blows - although none was struck," the Mail added.

Mr Corbyn said the pair came face-to-face while voting against a contentious transport bill.

He explained: "Mr Kilroy-Silk came up to me and said he wanted a word. He grabbed me by the lapel. I thought he was overwrought and overexcited."

Mr Kilroy-Silk did not comment.