RESIDENTS of a quiet close in Old Marston could not find out who owned the rubbish strewn land at the bottom of their gardens in 1972.

So, they fenced the 25-foot strip of land and claimed it as their own.

Although no one came forward to claim ownership, the fences did end up upsetting other villagers who said the residents of Dents Close, just off Marsh Lane, blocked off shortcuts to bus stops and schools.

But one Dents Close resident, Elizabeth Morgan, said that the land was waterlogged eight months of the year, and was not a footpath.

She said that when she and her husband bought the house they were told the land would be part of their back garden.

But, when they moved in, the fence was 25ft closer to the house.

"We have spent money on search fees, consulted our solicitor, but we cannot find any owner of the land." She said.

Her neighbour said: "We are not land grabbing, all we want to do is tidy up what has become a dumping ground."