IT'S a well-known fact that Oxford is a little pricey. 

In fact, it was ranked in last place in the last Lloyds Bank 'affordable cities' review last August, when a home in the Oxford was found to cost 11.5 times the average wage. READ THE STORY HERE

It comes as the review found the typical cost of buying a home in the UK has reached its least affordable level in a decade.

So what CAN you buy if you earn the UK's average wage of about £27,500?

We've had a scout around for available properties available for the price that most mortage lenders would be prepared to give you based on that figure. 

Four times your earnings brings the total mortgage amount to £110,000 - this excludes any deposit, which many renters simply can't afford to save.

In fact, a study in November found that the average first time buyer in Oxford would have to save for 17 years to get enough for a 15% deposit, during which time they would shell out about £115,000 in rent.


These are the 'homes' you can currently buy outright in Oxford for £110,000.

As you can see, neither are houses (and one is a boat).

Oxford Mail:

Pic. Wallers/Right Move

This charming narrowboat is described by the agent as ' a piece of Oxford City Centre living at a fraction of the price!'

The 56' boat is moored on Oxford Canal just off Hythe Bridge.

It is sold as being 'a city centre pad for less than half the price of a similar sized apartment in the area, but also the fun of being part of something different, forever memorable... and practically speaking, flexible too'.

It has a bedroom, shower and toilet, fitted kitchen and a living room with a wood burning stove. 

And at least if you get bored with your neighbours you can simply chug off somewhere else. 

Next up, a static 'park home'.

Oxford Mail:

Pic. Connells/Right Move

This little gem is marketed as an 'attractive park home located on a small site on the edge of Headington'. It's on the edge of Barton and Sandhills by Bayswater Brook.

It features everything you need, including two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom, with a 'low maintenance' rear garden.

At the other end of the scale, for balance, there's this. 

A seven bedroom mansion on Charlbury Road - recently listed as the 12th most expensive street in England - READ THE STORY HERE 

Oxford Mail:

pic. Carter Jonas