EVEN your baby can help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment by ditching disposable nappies and going real.

Oxfordshire Recycles is encouraging parents with newborns to try using real nappies made out of cloth instead of disposable ones.

Real nappies are almost identical to using disposables as the nappy change is the same, but instead of putting a disposable into a rubbish bin you can put the nappy into your washing machine.

Real Nappies only need a 40 - 60 degree wash, because the solids are flushed away.

Residents in Oxfordshire can give cloth nappies a go by borrowing a trial kit for two or three weeks.

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Each kit contains a good range of styles and brands of nappies, with all the necessary accessories.

The kits are held by local nappy suppliers and community groups, who will explain how the nappies work before you get started and ensure they are the right fit for your baby.

An estimated 3 billion disposable nappies are thrown away each year in the UK accounting for two to three per cent of all household waste, according to recycling charity Wrap.

Go Real, the national real nappies information service, estimates that parents can save at least £500 by using reusable cloth nappies and more if nappies are used again with subsequent children.

The Nappy Shed is Oxford's real nappy supplier and to get a trial kit you can go to their shop in Headington or call 01865 794360 for more information.

Real Nappy Week is from May 6 to 12.