WITH Thames Valley Police looking to make £15million worth of cuts in the next five years, the future of dozens of police stations is in doubt. 

The force has published a review into all the property it owns and what it intends to do with it in the coming years. 

More than 100 buildings have already been disposed of since 2010 and more will go before 2022. 

In the longer term, stations across Oxfordshire will be sold with many replaced with a smaller police presence. 

Here's the full list for Oxfordshire: 


  • The video recorded interview (VRI) suite in Banbury is set to shut this year
  • Land owned by the force at Bicester Gowell Farm will be sold off imminently
  • A police office in Wantage Library is also going and won't be replaced
  • The lease for the Wheatley Police Office will not be renewed when it expires in 2020/21
  • The Sonning Common police office will also be sold this year


  • The lease won't be renewed on Woodstock police base but an alternative police presence in the town is being progressed
  • Carterton police base will be sold with officers eventually moving into a new fire station 
  • Chipping Norton police base will also be disposed of and replaced 
  • The lease on a police office in Upper Heyford will be surrended but the force said it intends to replace it, given the future growth in the area
  • Faringdon police base is another that will go with the force trying to identify an alternative 
  • A VRI suite in Abingdon will also be sold

At risk of being replaced

  • Witney Police Station - a review is being conducted to see if it could be redeveloped
  • Bicester Police Station - police are monitoring the growth in the area to see if it is needed
  • Eynsham police office - police could move in with other emergency services instead
  • The 'deteriorating' St Aldates Police Station is not felt to be fit for purpose anymore. Police could redevelop the site or move out entirely 
  • Marston and Northway police office - saved for the short term but the force is considering long term options and wish to downsize
  • Didcot Police Base - may be moved in future or officers could move in with other emergency services 

At risk of closure

  • The car park at Witney Police Station
  • A car park in Cowley


  • Kidlington south HQ
  • Banbury Police Station
  • Training facilities at Upper Heyford
  • Cowley police base
  • Warneford Hospital police office
  • Blackbird Leys police office
  • Barton police office
  • Oxford Brookes police office
  • East Oxford police office
  • Littlemore hospital police office
  • Rose Hill police office
  • Abingdon police station
  • Wantage and Grove police base
  • Thame police base
  • Henley police base