DRIVERS have described a 'nightmare' journey home yesterday afternoon as treacherous road conditions caused havoc. 

Police were called to Garsington village at around 4pm when black ice and snow caused vehicles to slide down the hill. 

One driver, Ellie Evans, said she saw a van spin 360 degrees in front of her car. 

She said: "There were cars parked where they shouldn't have been and, as the van tried to get down the hill, it just span out and skided.

"It caused traffic chaos as no one could get round until the van moved. 

"There were 20-30 cars waiting to get past. 

"It happens every time there is snow and ice - the council rarely grit the road so it's always difficult."

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No one was injured and no cars were damaged in the incident but police are warning drivers to be careful in the current conditions.