STUDENTS were told they should put Brexit uncertainty aside and follow their dream career path as thousands gathered to meet potential employers.

The tenth annual Careers Fest at Oxford's Mini plant saw 60 businesses and training providers greet 1,500 students from more than 20 Oxfordshire schools yesterday.

Adrian Lockwood, of the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership skills team, said he could understand why youngsters may be concerned, given the current economic climate, but urged them to not let it weigh too heavily on their minds.

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He said: "By the time they reach the world of work, I am sure we will have sorted it all out.

"How we will do that, I don't know. I am a businessman and, like many, we are waiting to know what Brexit looks like before we can tell people how to manage it.

"They should be paying attention to what is going on but not worry too much.

"I would reassure them that the world will go on and the British economy will go on."

William Membury, 17, a student at the Cooper School in Bicester, was looking to start a career in finance.

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He said he was concerned at the current lack of clarity surrounding the future after Brexit but felt confident in his chosen path.

Mark Cooper, who works with the students at the same school to decide upon future careers, agreed that Brexit was an added factor for this generation of school leavers.

He said: They are aware of what is going on.

"They are a little bit worried about the future and are having to make decisions in the midst of this.

"But leaving school is an uncertain time in general and it is only one of the factors. Actually, there are so many more options for them now than when compared to 10 or 15 years ago."

Employers at the fair said they were not anticipating any disruption to their plans to recruit new apprentices and graduate trainees.

Katie Dore, the building projects coordinator at Diamond Light Source, said: "The science sector in Oxfordshire is really strong and there are so many options available.

"We are gearing up for Diamond 2 and we have lots of opportunities there.

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"We need all hands on deck."

Williams Racing, based in Grove, has 60 people going through its apprenticeship and placements programme.

Kat Greenfield, talent and development specialist, said: "I think there will always be a future in engineering in Oxfordshire.

"There are so many companies, they should not be worried."