MARSTON'S police office has been given a temporary reprieve after Thames Valley Police negotiated a rent reduction with the city council.

The building had been earmarked for closure but will now stay open on a short term lease, with an option to renew it for a further 10 years.

Francis Habgood said the public concern over the planned closure had played a part in the force's change of heart.

He said: "People are very passionate about local police stations.

"A lot of the time they believe that if they lose the building, they lose the officers as well.

"That is not the case but I get people will still have that belief and we have to work hard to overcome that.

"With Marston, we have been doing a review of what we need in Oxford so it suited us as well.

"With all of these decisions you have to be flexible enough to change your mind on occasion.

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"Clearly the community were very strong about it but it wasn’t just that.

"It was a combination of strong community support, the council coming back with a different offer and us reviewing our estate.

"The combination of the three meant we changed our mind."

Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld said he felt the force were getting to a point where it has a 'proper property structure'.

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He added: "I think in the case of Marston it was right to keep it, we got a better deal.

"I was keen to retain it and I’m pleased it was retained."