THE future of St Aldates police station is still unclear after the police commissioner said he would like to see it modernised rather than sold off.

The building is one of the police stations at-risk in the latest round of cuts but Anthony Stansfeld said he didn't want to lose it during his time in charge.

He said: "We are having to change a lot of our offices that are largely unsuitable for the officers we’ve got - some are far too large.

"We are looking at St Aldates, I hope during my tenure as PCC we retain it.

"Luckily we do not have to put up with quite so many murders as Inspector Morse.

"We don’t need the whole building. It is all a warren and full of very small little offices.

"I would like it modernised."

But Thames Valley Police's outgoing Chief Constable was more cautious when asked about the building.

He told the Oxford Mail: "I’d rather invest in people than bricks and mortar but we have to have an estate that is fit for purpose that meets our needs and meets the communities needs as well.

"With St Aldates there is no plans yet.

"It needs a lot of working doing on it.

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"It’s a question of whether you invest loads of money in an old building that is lots of little rooms and is quite difficult to use flexibly or invest in a new facility which better meets our needs but is still centrally located."

Previous refurbishment plans of the station were scaled back and the custody cells were shut in 2014.