OXFORD Mail Camera Club members braved freezing temperatures and overcast skies last night to get a shot of a special lunar eclipse, known as a super blood wolf moon.

Stargazers across the country found conditions difficult as they tried to get a glimpse of the rare event.  

Watching from Botley, Ian Marriott said: "This was the best I could get of the full moon last night through the clouds at 10pm ish."

Oxford Mail:

Another member, Mark Bentley, posted this shot on Facebook at around the same time, writing: "'The Wolf Moon'. The first full moon of 2019 and to be followed later on tonight/Morning with a Luna eclipse and Blood moon."

Oxford Mail:

But others struggled to get a good shot, with Bryan Robertson noting: "Don't know about anyone else but I saw nothing of the Eclipse, cloud cover and mist put paid to that, I had a one minute glimpse at 5:45am as we drove up to Leafield but it vanished as soon as it appeared.

"The next one will be a six minute one in 2021, the next big one is apparently 2029.

"So this was my last effort in September 2015."

Oxford Mail:

Mark called that shot 'a poor grainy consolation for what should have been a super photographic event', which seems more than a little harsh on himself.  

Going back to last night, and Becca Collacott posted this lunar image, which shows the moon in a slightly different light. 

Oxford Mail:

Impressive as they are, most photographers seem to have been hoping for more impressive colouring and certainly less cloud. 

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Stuart Curran admitted: "That's as close as I'm getting", with a picture of an orange. 

But yesterday wasn't all bad for moody sky images, with Michael Nottage snapping this lovely scene in Iffley Meadows on his morning walk. 

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