SKATEBOARDERS in Oxford were left stunned when one of the sport's most famous stars dropped in to do some tricks.

Tony Hawk paid a surprise visit to the Meadow Lane Skate Park in Donnington, on Wednesday.

The 50-year-old made the most of some free time ahead of his speech at the Oxford Union that evening.

Despite wet and cold conditions, the professional skateboarder, known to millions as the name behind the hit computer game series, performed a perfect Monty grind on the half pipe.

Named after skateboarding legend Monty Nolder, this trick is one of the most difficult to perfect.

Fellow skaters were stunned at the unannounced visit but many missed out on meeting their hero because they had stayed home in the wintery conditions.

Later Mr Hawk addressed the union on gender equality in skateboarding and listed his top 50 tricks to perform when you are 50.

According to the Union's Twitter account, he told guests: “When I found skating, I found my own voice, I found my own style, and I found a way to be creative.

"All the people that I found through skateboarding were creative, and they came from all walks of life. I felt at home among this band of misfits.”

The skate park in Meadow Lane is home to the Oxford Wheels Project charity which teaches skateboarding and BMX skills to people from all backgrounds.