THE Oxford Union has been criticised for the second time in as many days, with an 'anti-semitic' prime minister set to address members this evening.

The Malaysian leader, Mahathir Mohamad, has described Jews as 'hook nosed' and said he is 'glad to be labelled anti-semitic'.

It follows more damning criticism of the Union on Thursday, when it emerged that the debating society was set to host a 'fascist' politician from France on Tuesday, in the latest of a string of controversial events.

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In a statement, Nicole Jacobus, the President of Oxford University's Jewish Society, wrote: "Over the last few days, we have contacted the President of the Union with concerns regarding several speakers that have appeared in this term's calendar of events, who are well known for publicly expressing anti-semitic views.

"Prime Minster Mohamad is an open and unrepentant antisemite, accusing Jews of ‘Nazi cruelty’ and seeking to wipe out all Muslims, has said ‘Antisemitic’ is ‘an invented term to prevent criticising Jews for doing wrong’, as well as indulging in Holocaust denial."

She said that she had accepted an offer from the Union's president, Daniel Wilkinson, to hear the Jewish Society's suggestions 'on ways to improve safeguarding of Jewish members'.

The Oxford Union did not provide a comment in response to either of the two appearances.

Mr Mohamad is due to speak at 5pm.