Those of you familiar with Mischief Theatre’s stellar portfolio were aware of what would unfold as the curtain went up on The Comedy About A Bank Robbery.

Judging by the packed auditorium at Oxford Playhouse, and the long waiting lists for tickets, anyone who caught The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, or Mischief Movie Night, had returned for more high jinks, this time in the form of a heist.

Farce in its purest, most intelligent form, Mischief Theatre’s ambitious shows, currrently playing around the world and in The West End, specialise stage trickery, illusions, split timing and an iron clad cast, for everything to go wrong successfully,

Moving between jail, the bank and Caprice Freeboys’ apartment, the intrepid bank robbers, ably led by understudy Eddy Westbury as Mitch, set out to steal Prince Ludvig Of Hungary’s a diamond.

After breaking out of the slammer, Mitch and clueless prison guard Neil (everyone kneels every time his name is mentioned) pick up all kinds of miscreants on the way to aid their caper - including pickpocket and conman Sam Monaghan played by Sean Carey, and Debra Winger-esque Caprice, aka Julia Frith.

Caprice and Sam have their own shady business going on, Caprice conning endless would-be sweethearts (all played by the excellent ex Oxford School Of Drama’s George Hannigan).


Mischief virgins laughed longer and harder than everyone else, the element of surprise reigning supreme, but The Comedy About A Bank Robbery was also a genuine pastiche of of the 1950s, with some stunning song and dance numbers thrown in, Ashley Tucker as Mother Monaghan’s voice in particular shining through.


Caprice and Sam stole the show, Damian Lynch as Robin Freeboys (think four candles and you can guess the sketch) was another gem, but it's hard to single out the jewels in such a rich seam of a cast.


Mischief Theatre never miss a trick or a beat in their effort to make you laugh, which is the best motivation I can think of for going to see a show.

On until Saturday: Waiting list for tickets. 01865 305305 or