A MERRILY-named wine store is set to open in north Oxford tomorrow.

'Grape Minds' will be a fixture on Summertown's South Parade following the success of a 'pop-up' version late last year.

And owners Graeme Woodward and Michael Jelley, who ran nearby Majestic Wine for two years, are excited to get started permanently.

The directors say they are trying to appeal to different people by selling wines for all budgets as well as beer and spirits. They are also planning to have regular tasting sessions for locals.

Mr Woodward, from Witney, explained: "We are really trying to be for everybody.

"We've got wines of all prices, interesting wines that people might not have seen and pearls from more interesting places.

"If its good enough and the price is right, we will stock it."

The 27-year-old continued: "It's across the board: we have got very fine stuff and everyday stuff - hopefully there is something for everybody."

The independent wine specialists opened temporarily for 5 weeks from the end of November last year to the beginning of January, but only opens full time (10am - 7pm weekdays, 10am - 6pm Saturdays and 10am - 3.30pm Sundays) from tomorrow.

The owners say they shut on January 5 'to finish off the decor, tidy up in the cellar and taste our way around the world to find some more brilliant wines to share with you all.'

And at 6pm tomorrow, they will put on a 'Welcome Back' tasting session, costing £10.

They are also hosting events next Thursday and Friday and throughout February.

The store will also offer wine advice.

But though wine is their speciality, the pair explain: "While we bonded over magnificent Italian reds and beautiful Burgundies, we love a beer as much as anyone, and if your gin collection is bigger than Michael’s then you’ll definitely enjoy our spirit section."

Mr Jelley, 35, from Florence Park, added: "We opened up as a little pop up trying to get our name up there, so now we know what goes down well."

He added that as well as the tasting session tomorrow, they expected to have similar events at the end of most weeks.

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The store replaces Law and Company Emporium on South Parade, which has also seen restaurant Pompette open recently.

  • This article previously stated that Majestic Wine had closed. It will in fact remain open until early February and be re-sited in March.