SHE'S kept the corridors spick and span and helped more than one child clean up their act.

Now a primary school cleaner is celebrating her 40th anniversary of scrubbing up at the same site.

Lilian Leach started at St Laurence Church of England Primary School in Warborough, near Wallingford, in 1979.

Some 40 years to the day, she's still a much-admired and respected part of the school community.

Headteacher Nic Cooper has paid tribute to the long-standing member of staff, saying she has been an ever-present for the entirety of her decade in charge.

She said: "She is wonderful. She comes in every morning for an hour to make sure everything is clean and everybody is ok.

"She lives in the village so she will always be able to make it in, come rain or shine."

Although many would feel Ms Leach has earned a well-deserved rest, she has revealed that she has no plans to hang up her broom any time soon.

Ms Cooper said: "She said to me this morning that she will have to be carried out in a box and I said I don't even want to think about it. She won't stop, it wouldn't be the same without her."

The school has revealed plans to mark the occasion by taking Ms Leach out for afternoon tea next week.

A collection has also been organised and former students and members of staff have been invited back to join in with the celebrations.

The school, in Thame Road, caters for 90 pupils and shares its name with the village's parish church which dates back to the 12th century.