REMAIN campaigners rallied shoppers in Oxford to back the People’s Vote Campaign, just days ahead of Westminster’s historic ‘meaningful vote’.

The Oxford for Europe group was out in force, in both Cornmarket Street and at Templars Square, Cowley, today to join the 160 other groups in the national day of action for the People’s Vote Campaign.

The campaign urges residents to call on their MPs to vote down the government’s Brexit deal.

It also calls for MPs to resolve the ‘crisis’ by giving people the vote on the deal, as well as an option to remain in the European Union.

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Leading the Oxford for Europe group in Cornmarket was Colin Gordon, he said: “The message is that Brexit can be stopped.

“Although time is tight, it has never looked stronger [to put a stop to Brexit]. There is a visible shift in parliament.”

“We have had a wide range of responses, some people are anxious and pessimistic, they feel times running out and the Prime Minister is going to frogmarch us into any Brexit we can get.

“Some people are worried about Tuesday’s vote, but I think we feel we can win the argument and are in much better shape to campaign than we were in 2016.”

The group Oxford for Europe has been campaigning since the day after the first referendum in 2016 including a series of public events and regular stalls in the city centre of Oxford.

Oxford Mail:

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Today the group was on hand urging people to write to their MPs, and campaign member Mr Gordon said he has been told campaign letters are inundating local politicians.

He added: “It is taking effect. Anneliese Dodds [Oxford East MP] has been a bit of a challenge for us in campaign terms, she has stuck closely to policy line to ‘honour the vote’.

“But she along with other MPs are under massive pressure not just from residents, but local businesses.

“They are already pointing out the damage that they are seeing, it is already hard to recruit people, who often don’t feel sure they will be welcome. Many businesses used to get highly skilled people from all over the EU and now that’s suffering.

“The value of the pound obviously has a negative impact on these businesses.”

Oxford Mail:

The two campaign groups in Oxford also had the ‘Brexitometer’ to hand to gauge people’s opinions on leaving the EU, as well as who the decision should come down to. There was also a petition for shoppers to sign.

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Among the passers-by to speak with the Oxford for Europe campaigners was Windmill Primary School headteacher Lynn Knapp.

She said: “As someone who voted to remain, obviously I would back another option to prevent it happening.

“I think people have changed their minds, and now understand the complexity of leaving. When people voted originally there was a lack of knowledge, a lot of scaremongering, and now maybe they regret the decision.

“It is just not going to happen. From the moment I found out, I remember being devastated but I have always felt it just won’t happen.”