A UNIVERSITY chaplain has complained after a board image in the Oxford version of Monopoly only showed male students graduating.

Tracey Allen, chaplain of the University of Suffolk, accused the game’s makers of ‘everyday sexism’.

Ms Allen asked: “Do women not graduate from Oxford? The only women pictured are wearing bikinis!”

The Oxford edition of the game costs £29.99.

In 2013 it attracted criticism when a number of copies were issued with the incorrect spelling of Walton Street.

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Hasbro makes the Monopoly series but the Oxford edition is made in partnership with Winning Moves. A spokesman said: “We will be looking into this.”

The Oxford edition of the game features the famous city's well known streets and landmarks including Oxford University, The Randolph Hotel and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Station, Gloucester Green, Folly Bridge, St Giles, St Aldate's and Cornmarket.