POLICE are investigating a video alleging to show a live fox being prepared for a hunt.

Officers confirmed they are looking into footage released by the Hunt Saboteurs Association this week, which claims to show illegal activity during the Kimblewick Hunt near Thame on New Year's Day.

WATCH: Hunt Saboteurs video of 'Kimblewick hunt in Moreton'

The video is said to show two hunt members hauling a fox out of a trap for their hounds to chase.

The association, which campaigns against fox hunting, said it was filmed secretly in a forest in Moreton.

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A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said an investigation is under way but no arrests have been made at this stage.

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting reference 43190006535.

Legislation introduced in 2004 made it illegal to hunt and kill foxes and other wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales.

The tradition continues but most now instead operate 'trail hunting', in which hounds chase artificially-laid animal scents rather than real animals.