A DOG owner broke a man’s eye socket after kicking him in the head during a row over who stole his pet, a court heard.

Jack Ulett-Titcomb, of Lancut Road, Witney, denies one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The 29-year old is alleged to have kicked a man in the head at his Lancut Road home on the afternoon of October 30, 2017 before throwing a punch to his eye socket.

His alleged victim – Ethan Perry – needed hospital treatment as a result of the blows, Oxford Crown Court heard at the start of the trial yesterday.

Oxford Mail:

Lancut Road, Witney

Outlining the case to the jury panel, prosecutor Edward Culver said that the violence started after Mr Perry asked Ulett-Titcomb about who might have stolen the dog, which had previously belonged to the defendant.

He said that this caused Ulett-Titcomb to lash out at this victim while in the living room of his home.

He said: “It is the crown’s case that whatever the matter of the incident the kick by Ulett-Titcomb to Mr Perry was wholly unreasonable and wholly unnecessary in the circumstances.

“The use of force was his choice and his choice alone and he was the aggressor.”

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Taking to the witness box, the alleged victim told jurors what he recalled of the incident. He said that he had been at the house together with a friend, having only recently returned from travelling in Australia.

During his time abroad, jurors were told, a dog belonging to Ulett-Titcomb had been snatched by persons unknown.

While visiting the home of the accused – who was a friend of his – Mr Perry said he asked his alleged aggressor about the animal which saw him launch into a rage.

Oxford Mail:

Lancut Road is in the north west of Witney

Mr Perry said: “His response was to get up out of this chair and to go right up to my face and he assumed I knew another side of the story that I didn’t, he thought I was involved somehow.

“I felt threatened, he hung over me like a giant. I was terrified. I was in a very flustered state, I had never been in a confrontation like that before.”

Mr Perry told the court that moments later he felt a blow to the side of his face and to his eye socket, which he later described as a kick, followed up by a punch with a closed fist in the same location.

Mr Perry then fled the living room, the court heard, and a passing motorist who spotted him outside took him to hospital. The alleged victim described feeling ‘otherworldly scared’ at events.

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During cross examination, it was put to Mr Perry that he had in fact been the aggressor during the incident and that Ulett-Titcomb had acted only in retaliation, and never kicked his victim, throwing just one punch, all assertions he denied.

Mr Perry accepted shouting at Ulett-Titcomb’s partner while outside, saying ‘you are all dead’ but said it was only after she said ‘you better leave now and don’t even think about snitching’.

The trial continues.