NURSERY staff in Headington were given a share of £1.2 million as a bonus in their monthly pay packet.

Sandfield Day Nursery full-time employees – from apprentices to those at the top of the ladder – were given an extra £750 tax-free on top of their typical wage.

The bonus was possible because the childcare chain, which has 41 day nurseries in the south of England, is owned by its 1,600 employees who all get a cut of the profits made every year.

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Manager of the Headington preschool Kim Hambridge said : “There is a real energy in nursery at this time because the dividend payment reminds us all that we are personally invested in giving our children the best possible nursery experience.

"Happy and engaged staff ensures confident children ready to realise their full potential.”

Team leader Yvonne Moir said she was planning on treating her grandchildren with the money. She said: “It’s such a lovely surprise, I couldn’t be happier – what a great start to the new year.”

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