IT may look like a canal boat, but this is the beginning of an expedition into the infinite multiverse.

An Oxford artist who can claim to be one of the city's most bizarre and provocative is inviting art lovers to come and explore his latest exhibition, which involves a trip down the river.

Mark 'the stars' James, who previously unveiled an 'installation' of 48 invisible floating orbs around the solar system – including some at Tate Modern in London – is hosting his new show aboard a boat moored at Osney Marina in West Oxford.

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Mr James, who also once opened his entire house in Barton as an installation artwork, explained that 'Voyage to Infinity' comprises 'an exhibition of artwork, a boat trip and talk by the artist Markthestars'.


He went on: "The artwork is a series of drawings exploring the nature of infinity and infinite variation (in an infinite multi-verse – countering the reasoning that says an infinite universe means infinite repetition).

"It is exhibited in the cabin of a boat, to be viewed as we take a short cruise on the River Thames at Oxford, from near Osney Marina to Iffley lock and back, during which the helmsman, Markthestars, will talk informally about the theme of the work, inviting conversation."

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Mr James's work largely deals with he describes as his own theory behind the expansion of the universe, which was corroborated after he developed it by the more widely-accepted theory of dark energy.

The exhibition, boat trip and talk cost £20 all inclusive.

To book a place on the Voyage to Infinity, email Mr James on