Protesters gathered outside Campsfield House one last time yesterday, vowing to not be silent until all immigration detention centres are closed. 

11 demonstrators were outside the Kidlington centre, where the last detainees left two weeks ago, as the long-running campaign against the centre came to an end. 

They labelled Britain's remaining facilities as 'blots on our democracy'.


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The last detainees were transferred to other facilities ahead of the 216-bed centre's closure in May, according to the Home Office.

Liz Peretz, from the Close Campsfield Campaign, explained: "Our message was four down, seven to go. We are happy that one more of these IRC prisons is closing but we won't be silent until they have all gone.

"Harmondsworth, Colnbrook, Tinsley House, Brook House, Dungavel, Morton Hall and Yarl'swood remain as blots on our democracy.

Oxford Mail:

"Shut them all down."