POLICE arrested more than three drink drivers per day earlier in December in a crackdown on motorists who are under the influence, new figures show.

Thames Valley Police made 49 arrests for drink driving in the month up to December 16 as part of its Christmas campaign, Operation Holly.

Officers carrying out targeted patrols and roadside checks also conducted 93 drug wipe tests, with 57 per cent coming back positive.

Any driver who is stopped due to concerns over their manner of driving, a vehicle defect, or is involved in a collision, is being breathalysed throughout the campaign.

Officers in the Thames Valley conducted 1,413 breath tests up to December 16, with men making up 71 per cent of drink drive offenders.

The operation led to more than 150 arrests for drink and drug driving across the Thames Valley and Hampshire during the period.

Across both areas, the most positive breath test arrests were in the 35 to 49-year-old age group, while the 17 to 34-year-old bracket saw the most positive drug arrests.

Roads Safety sergeant Rob Heard said: “Our message is plain and simple, please don’t take the risk and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it impairs your driving ability and reactions, the consequences are devastating and your thoughtless actions ruin innocent lives.

“Now that the Christmas period is almost upon us, many of us will take the time to celebrate, please plan your journeys, organise taxis’ and consider the reality you maybe over the limit the morning after."

Police revealed the most common days for breath test arrests are Saturday and Sunday, while Friday and Saturday saw the most drug wipe arrests.

Operation Holly was launched on December 1 and runs until January.

Yesterday morning, roads policing officers ran a drink and drug drive ‘morning-after’ operation on the north and southbound carriageway of the A34 near Sutton Scotney, Hampshire.

Out of more than 70 drivers, three were arrested for drink and drug driving offences, and nine other motoring offences were dealt with during the four-hour operation.

Drivers who are unfit to drive through drink, drugs or medication, can find themselves facing a court appearance, losing their licence and additional fines.

If anyone you know is drink or drug driving call police on 101, text 077814 80999 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If the person is an immediate risk to another, police advise calling 999.