CELEBRITY DJ Greg James has called on people across the country to help throw ‘the ultimate Christmas party’ this week for 100 young carers in Oxfordshire.

The BBC Radio 1 breakfast presenter announced live on his show this morning that he wanted to host a bash for the young carers at Be Free YC, a charity based in Harwell, near Didcot.

The group supports vulnerable children, some as young as five, who care for family members who have physical and mental health conditions.

Now, the public radio appeal has called for people to help Mr James host the ultimate bash on Thursday to say ‘thank you’ to 100 young carers and give them the break they otherwise might not get.

Speaking on his breakfast show Mr James said: "I want to help organise, for a very special group of young people in south Oxfordshire, a big Christmas party.

“Somewhere they can be kids again for a little while and forget everything else, for that moment and just have a proper, good old party.

“We want them to experience something really special.”

He added: "We want them to have a Christmas party devised planned and run by us, the Radio 1 breakfast team: me, Adele and all the DJs but most importantly everyone listening right now ... we need everyone to be involved."

The radio station has been helping charities and causes up and down the country in the lead up to Christmas this year, but chose Be Free YC for its grand finale.

It came after the charity sent in details of its new Christmas album featuring the ‘Twelve Days of Caring’ which was recorded by the young carers.

Children aged eight to 17 created the festive album to raise money for the charity and draw attention to the gritty reality of the Christmas holidays for the estimated 13,000 young carers in Oxfordshire.

Be Free YC director John Tabor said today: “This event is a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of our young carers together.

“They don’t often get a voice, and I am sure they wouldn’t want to shout it from the rooftops, so this will be amazing for them and hopefully help give them a good Christmas.

In June this year Be Free YC announced it was facing closure in a matter of days because of a lack of funding.

It was saved after the announcement led to a flood of donations.

Mr Tabor went on: “Every day, children go to work as carers before they even start their school day, but because they are not recognised as such, the vast majority toil alone, caring for others without emotional or financial support.

“This cannot be right: they care, and we should too.”

Mr James appealed to anyone who could help with the party, including by providing decorations, Santa hats, disco lights and Christmas jumpers.

The party will be live on-air on Thursday, if you can help with plans or donations click here. Buy the Be Free YC album at befreeyoungcarers.bandcamp.com