A GIRL from Oxford ditched school to join a global climate change protest.

Ava Rourke, 13, from Cherwell School, said she wanted UK politicians to be more proactive in protecting the world by ensuring the county sticks to carbon emission restrictions.

She made the decision to go to the ‘school strike’ at Oxford Town Hall yesterday because she wants to see changes made by leaders that will effect her future.

Ava said: "It is our world that we live in so we really need to look after it.

"Adults need to realise that we are the future - it is in our hands, and they have a responsibility to look after our world."

Ava's parents said they told her school in advance that she would be joining the protest.

Her mother, Katie Baxendale said: "It’s truly inspiring listening to her talk so passionately about how she wants politicians to commit to their promises."

The day of global protest was organised by 15-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.