Katherine MacAlister attempts to eat the Holy Cheesemas burger at Byron

When does a burger become too big to eat I wondered as the mustard dripped onto my lap and my jaw almost dislocated in my effort to get my choppers around the Holy Cheesemas special.

Perhaps when the ketchup was smeared all over my face, or when I had to ask for extra napkins? They should serve finger bowls with these burgers. Not that I cared, such was my determination to master the art, however undignified, by tackling this monster of a festive offering. Yes Byron has introduced two new burgers and a Christmas menu, £15 with chips and a drink.

The question is can you manage it? Because the Holy Cheeseman is a beef patty with American cheese, smoked cheese, cheese crisp, pickled red onions, lettuce, spicy garlic mayonnaise, onion ring, as well as a scoop of bacon macaroni cheese. Served with fries and a house salad.

The Veggie Cheesemas burger is the same but with a bean patty and a scoop of macaroni cheese instead.

We declined all other sides, voluptuous shakes or starters, knowing that the Cheeseman alone would be challenge enough.

We were right. Towering high above the table, there was a respectful silence as our burgers arrived.

But it was their concoction, built in sections, that surprised us. Lift up the bun lid and nestling amidst the vast onion ring was a vat of mac n’ cheese, before you’ve even glimpsed the burger beneath, which is smothered in different layers of cheese, like a cholesterol testing advert.

The burger itself was almost an afterthought, being comforted by just the one lettuce leaf, (we don’t want to overdo the vegetables) and some pickled red onions. The chips by the way are excellent.

My daughter ate in layers, I plunged in and ploughed on regardless. We all persevered. Fun, worthwhile and a challenge, just bring some wet wipes.