POLICE stopped 119 cars during a crackdown on drink-drivers, but not one of them was found to be over the limit.

In the latest in a series of operations during the Christmas party season, officers were stationed in Abingdon on Wednesday night, as part of the Operation Holly campaign.

All those who were speeding, or who had a light out on their cars, were stopped and made to do a breath test or a drug wipe while others were checked at random.

Hampshire Road Policing, which is carrying out the campaign alongside Thames Valley Police, said that 119 drivers were tested over a six-hour period.

Of these, ‘several’ were prosecuted for driving at excess speed, with the highest recorded being at 52mph in a 30mph zone.

Two drivers were found to be close to the drink-drive limit of 35mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

One person was arrested for failing a roadside drug test and FIT test for cannabis and cocaine.

Every driver involved in an accident this month is being made to take a breath test, as police try to stamp out drink-driving on the roads.

Extra patrols are also being carried out across the county, at all times of day.

If you know someone who drink or drug drives, you can report them by calling on 101, by text 077814 80999 or calling 999 if they are about to drive under the influence.