CHARITY shops have pleaded with fly-tippers to stop dumping unwanted 'donations' on their doorsteps.

Staff at Changing Lives in Didcot have spoken out after their shop was hit yet again on Monday night and have warned they are close to catching the culprits.

Sofas, mattresses, office chairs and other furniture were piled at the front of the building - directly in front of signs urging people not to leave items while the shop is closed.

Staff member Vanessa Prior said fly-tipping was now happening on a weekly basis while the organisation's other shop in Wantage has also been affected.

She said: "They know exactly what they are doing.

"We have caught a few people before and forced them to clean it all up and take it away but this time they had their hoods up.

"We do have CCTV and photos which we will pass to the police.

"It is always upsetting when it happens, it creates more work for everyone and it takes the fun out of it all.

"We are sick of it to be honest."

The shop at the bottom of Broadway sells both new and second hand clothes, books, DVDs, household electrical items and furniture.

It uses any profits to give grants to those in need including young people and those with ill health or disabilities.

Ms Prior has urged residents to remain on the look-out for any suspicious looking people or vehicles hanging around charity shops but admits that they are at a loss over how to put a stop to the fly tipping for good.

This summer Abingdon man Hani Haydar, 25, was fined £1,300 for dumping mattresses outside the Sue Ryder shop in the town's Market Place.

Most charity shops can't accept donations when closed because they may become wet or contaminated overnight.

Changing Lives is believed to be particularly badly affected because of its more isolated location but other shops have also regularly encountered the problem.

Hospice Sobell House confirmed its furniture warehouses in Bicester and Witney have been targeted in recent months.

One staff member said: "It could be anything from a sofa to bags of clothing.

"They are perfectly aware they are not supposed to leave it.

"We can't sell anything that has been left out all night so we have to pay to get rid of it."