A DOGGY day care company hoping to open a new centre have allayed fears about the noise by promising neighbours they have a 'no bark policy'.

Oxford Pet Whisperers, currently run by Jamie Worth and Natalie Ferris from their home in Sutton Courtenay, have applied for planning permission to open at a Didcot industrial estate.

In their submission to South Oxfordshire District Council, the couple explain they have been running their business since September 2017, providing 'dog boarding', dog daycare, dog walking and pet visits.

Now they are hoping to create a 'daycare/ boarding facility' for up to about 60 dogs at Unit 5, Hawksworth, between the TR Register Car Club and The Tool Post DIY shop.

Addressing potential noise concerns, the couple told the district council: "Noise levels from 5 Hawksworth as a result of daily operations run by Oxford Pet Whisperers should have no significant impact on neighbouring businesses.

"It is assumed that the noise that would be of concern to local businesses and environmental health would be from dog barks.

"Dogs are NOT left to bark freely throughout the time they are in the premises and are supervised at a ratio of 1:10. All staff are trained on managing large groups of dogs and the use of positive reinforcement methods in order to implement a no bark policy.

"The no bark policy is a tried and tested method of ensuring all dog barking is kept to a minimum, and the director has spent time in Scotland at Safe Paws, a facility that successfully operates this system in order to be able to implement this at the Hawksworth site."

Members of public can see the full plans online at southoxon.gov.uk using reference number P18/S4087/FUL