AN anti-Brexit bus with the slogan 'Bo**ocks to Brexit' rocked up outside Oxford rail station this morning.

The protest, attended by around 50 anti-Brexit campaigners, is the second leg in a UK and EU tour for the movement.

Campaigners are pushing for a People's Vote and a second referendum following Britain's majority vote to leave the EU in June 2016.

Organiser of the bus protest Paolo Arrigo said: “We feel the campaign to stop Theresa May’s deal and Remain in the EU needs something bold, and this bus tour is it.

"We are not criticising Leave voters, but the politicians who lied and deceived us.

"No one voted to be poorer.”

Speaking at the protest this morning MEP for South East England and Liberal Democrat Catherine Bearder called for the nation to have another say ahead of Brexit in March 2019.

She said: "We were promised the moon.

"Theresa May after two years can't deliver anything that is sensible.

"So we say Parliament cannot do it, Theresa May cannot do it, so put it back to the people."

Also at the protest was Oxfordshire county councillor and fellow Liberal Democrat Roz Smith.

She said: "I think a lot of people are angry and that is why the people's vote movement is growing.

"I feel momentum is changing, I think people are realising they have been sold a pack of lies with the referendum in 2016."

One member of the public at the protest, an Italian national who preferred to remain anonymous, questioned the turnout and the lack of student participation at the event.

Contrasting the numbers with the country-wide protest taking place in France he questioned why so few young people had turned out for the event.

After the bus set off for a brief stint outside the Ashmolean Museum, it headed towards Banbury before carrying on with the rest of its tour from Britain to Brussels.

While the UK as a whole voted 51.9 per cent in favour of leaving the EU two years ago Oxfordshire voted by a majority of some 51,000 votes to remain a member.