A RESTAURANT in Ozone Leisure Park that boasts serving the‘best oriental cuisine that Oxford has to offer’ has been slammed by health inspectors for being dirty, mixing cooked and raw meat, and poor staff training.

Oxy Oriental, which promises diners an experience they will ‘never forget’, was given a one-star food hygiene rating after the city council’s health team found a litany of problems to do with cleanliness, food preparation and staff training.

A report compiled after a visit last month to the buffet and takeaway, which is opposite Kassam Stadium, stated: “Staff were preparing cooked meat in the raw meat area, and red chopping boards (which are designated for raw meat) were in use."

It added: “Staff have inadequate knowledge of procedures, particularly around cooling of hot food and cross contamination.”

The document went on to say temperature records were not being kept up to date and also raised concerns about storage conditions.

It stated: “At the time of inspection ready to eat hash browns were being stored in the walk in freezer on top of raw chicken, posing a risk of contamination.

The freezer was described as‘generally disorganised and overloaded’, with the report adding: "Food debris was embedded into the floor surface of the walk in freezer."


A probe thermometer and wipes were available but the wipes were found to be almost three years out of date and 'smelt bad'.

The cleanliness of fridges and food storage containers were also found to be 'very dirty'.

Stucturally, paint from the ceiling above where raw meat was being prepared was said to be flaking and mould was also seen on the 'delivery area' of the restaurant.

The inspector did praise the allergen signs in place in the dessert area but said of a full allergy breakdown for the food still needed to be completed.

On its website, Oxy Oriental, says: “You’re here because you’ve heard we’re the best restaurant in Oxford. We wouldn’t like to correct you; we’d like to tell you why you’ve heard right.

“We serve the best Oriental cuisine that Oxford has to offer. From Malaysian to Thai, Japanese to Chinese."

It adds that eating at the restaurant is ‘an event you’ll never forget’ and it offered a 'wide range of freshly prepared sushi' as well as a 'live teppanyaki bar'.

The restaurant goes on to say the venue 'lends itself perfectly' to any event, claiming: "We’re the best of all the restaurants in Oxford."

Oxy Oriental was contacted for comment but did not respond.