Veganuary is almost upon us, and it’s likely to be bigger than ever.

This year, the month dedicated to a plant-based diet (January = Veganuary, you see) became something of a craze, and looks set to reach even further into the public consciousness in 2019.

Despite being a lifelong meat-eater, I’m really not averse to vegetarian or even vegan options, so I approached the idea of spending the better part of a week living on vegan ready meals with an open mind.

The new range of ready meals from subscription service Vibrant Vegan Co certainly look appealing. Bright, vivid boxes and eco-friendly cardboard trays delivered to the door contain a range of exotic recipes, which boast quite the geographical range.

It feels almost as if the new company, dedicated to plant-based goodness and an environmentally-friendly approach, are making a bold statement as to the flexibility and scope of a vegan diet.

In the box of goodies I was sent were the likes of Malaysian gyoza with yellow rice noodles, Piri piri jambalaya with turmeric brown rice and lentils, West African curry with sweet potato, and Super mac & ‘cheeze’ - that’s four continents right there.

So what’s it like? Truth is, I hardly noticed I was eating vegan. The meals are quite delicious; complex flavours, a decent range of textures and enough variety to dispel the myth that eating plants is a bit samey.

Apart from the jambalaya, which was a little dry, there’s a lot to love here, with the gyoza the best of the bunch.

The eco credentials of Vibrant Vegan are admirable, too. The packaging is kind to mother nature, the ingredients sustainable and they donate money to charity War Child with each meal sold.

If you’re thinking of giving Veganuary a go, these excellent meals (£6 each) are a great place to start.

And even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool meat eater, you’ll be helping a disadvantaged child if you decide to give one a try.