VANDALS destroyed artwork designed to make ‘Witney’s worst bus shelter’ less prone to being targeted.

Two perspex panels at Newland bus shelter were damaged in two separate attacks last month, ruining an art instillation created by students at Abingdon and Witney College.

Graffiti was also scrawled on the inside of the shelter, with the vandalism costing Witney Town Council £500 to repair the perspex and replace the artwork.

The structure had a history of vandalism but had not been targeted for more than six months since the artwork was unveiled earlier this year.

The design was part of a project to maintain the bus shelters co-ordinated by the college and the town council, with students encouraged to create a unique design around the theme of Witney's heritage.

Newland bus shelter was the first to undergo the revamp, with three shelters in Witney Market Square featuring similar artwork.

This instillation was sponsored by local IT Support business Krayma Technical Solutions.

Mike Dove, of Krayma, said: "It was very disappointing to see that, once again vandals have struck in our lovely town.

"We can only applaud the town council in its efforts to get our bus shelter repaired so quickly.”

He added: “We were very honoured to be the first sponsors of this initiative earlier this


"It is yet another community based project that the town council have put into place to

enhance the look and reputation of our town."

The town council is expecting to fix the shelter by the end of next week, but said the cost and man hours involved would 'take money and resources away from other pressing projects'.

The sharp pieces of broken perspex have been removed with replacements ready to be installed, while copies of the artwork are on order.

Acting town council leader and chair of the policy and resources committee, David Harvey, said: "There must be people out there who know who these vandals are.

"I would ask them to please come forward with information so that we can stop this happening in the future."

The town council is still looking for entries in its competition to get people's artwork on bus shelters around Witney.

The competition welcomes submissions of original photographs, paintings or sketches for use on panels.

For terms and conditions visit