ONE of the largest trees in the world could one day be part of Oxford’s iconic skyline after it was planted for National Tree Week.

The giant sequoia tree, a natural skyscraper, will now join the likes of the monkey puzzle tree, which was planted in Headington Hill Park last year, to commemorate the national week.

City councillor for Headington Hill and Northway, Nigel Chapman, planted the tree – which is expected to one day tower over the park – in an unveiling on Saturday, after an introduction by the friends of the park chairman Alistair Buchanan.

The oldest of its kind in the world is thought to be around 3,500 years old, but they typically live a couple of thousand years.

The Friends of Headington Hill Park commemorate tree week every year by planting a new tree in the grounds, and this year chose the endangered tree - the sequoiadendron giganteum, known as the giant sequoia, to complete its collection of Redwoods.

National Tree Week runs from November 24 until December 2nd.

A number of rare trees have been discovered in Headington Hill Park, some of which are found nowhere else in the country.