A NEW website has been created to explain the three major plans for a new housing estate next door to Barton Park - which could be almost as big.

The page has been made by Dorchester Residential Management, which is working with Christ Church on the proposals to revamp the greenbelt land on the outskirts of Oxford with up to 3,250 new homes.

The plans are for the land west of the 885-home Barton Park estate on the A40 Northern Bypass.

The first proposal is to build 750 to 925 homes.

The second is to build 1,500 to 1850 houses.

UPDATE: See the 3 housing sites around Oxford picked for big housing estates

And option number three is to combine the Bayswater land with Wick Farm, next door, to build 2,900 to 3,250 houses with community facilities like a local community centre, shops, a park or parks and a cemetery.

Despite making a website to explain the plans, the college still faces a host of environmental, historical challenges on the site.

The website can be found at bayswateroxford.co.uk