A ‘HEARTBROKEN’ family has renewed an appeal for information almost three months after their beloved dog disappeared.

Tilly the Tibetan Terrier sprinted off after being scared by a group of dogs on September 15, while being walked in fields near her home in Long Hanborough.

She was spotted that day in neighbouring North Leigh, near Witney, and was last seen scrambling through brambles towards Wilcote, but has since vanished.

Her owners are now convinced that she has been stolen or taken in, and are desperate to get her home and safe.

Victoria Calcutt, Tilly’s owner, said: “The weather is bitterly cold and we fear for her every single day.

“We and many others have searched for her daily and by now can’t see her surviving on her own after this amount of time, she wasn’t born wild.

“We believe that she has either died, though no body has been found, or - our strongest belief - is that she has been picked up and someone has her.”

The Oxford Mail first shared an appeal for Tilly in October, and she has now been missing for more than 11 weeks.

Mrs Calcutt said there have been many unconfirmed ‘sightings’ reported and wildlife cameras have even been set up to see if Tilly passes, but there has been no sign.

She said her family has been ‘devastated and heartbroken’ by the loss, including her eight-year-old daughter.

In an emotional plea to anyone who has taken Tilly, she said: “Please find it in your heart to give her back to her real family who she has grown up with, who love her, miss her and just want her home.

“You may well have grown much attached to her but she doesn’t belong to you, she isn’t yours.

“My daughter still cannot believe that her Tilly isn’t there when she wakes up, when she comes back from school and when she goes to bed.

“She says that someone must have stolen Tilly and asks why anyone would do that, what a horrible thing to do - I agree with her.”

In a post on a Facebook page set up to find Tilly, shared almost 1,300 times, the mother added: “What really breaks my heart is when my daughter says that she's not worried about having any Christmas presents ever again, all she wants is her Tilly back.

“They have grown up together, are best buddies and now as you have her, they've lost each other.”

Mrs Calcutt urged people to come forward if they know something or know of a neighbour or friend who has recently acquired a dog that looks like Tilly.

She advised anyone who might have seen Tilly to take a photo, note the location, time and her direction of travel.

This information can then be passed as soon as possible to the owners via 07906073673 or 07977049267, DogsLost on 0844 800 3220 or police on 101, quoting reference 3321510.

Mrs Calcutt added: “She may well look different, she may well have been cut short, or have long shaggy hair, or her coat may have been dyed.

“If she is being taken for a walk, she could have a dog coat on, that would disguise her a little more.

“If you hear any dog whining or howling in a house, it could be her -perhaps whoever has her has to work or do something at a regular time and leaves her in the house.

“Either way, if you know something, maybe you even know where she is, then please speak up.

“If you have Tilly and your reading this now, please return her.

“You can take her into any vets, or animal shelter, you don’t have to leave your name, you can get someone else to take her, just please return her.

“All we want is Tilly home, safe and back with her family.”