RESIDENTS can now have their say on a £180m plan to improve the A40.

Oxfordshire County Council is proposing major upgrades to the route between Witney and Oxford, including a new Eynsham park-and-ride and an eastbound bus lane between Eynsham and the Duke’s Cut canal bridge, near Wolvercote.

A month-long consultation period began at midnight and runs until January 6, with residents able to view and comment on the plans online.

The county council have also release a ‘fly through’ video, which provides a computerised artist's impression of what travelling the route would look like.

The first of four public consultations takes place at Cassington Village Hall tomorrow, between 3pm and 6pm. Three more consultations take place on Monday, Wednesday and next Tuesday, at Eynsham Village Hall, Witney Methodist Church and Witney Corn Exchange respectively.

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New bus stops on the A40, westbound bus priority and junction improvements at certain points of the stretch are also planned alongside the park-and-ride.

Construction is currently programmed to take place from 2019 to 2021 and it is expected the facility will be subject to a planning application in spring 2019.

People will also be given the chance to have a first look at further improvements to the A40, such as extending the dual carriageway at Witney to the new park-and-ride.

To view consultation information and the video, visit