WANTAGE MP Ed Vaizey has said a second referendum may become the 'only option' to 'break the impasse' on Brexit.

Writing to constituents about the subject, Mr Vaizey explained that he did not support a second referendum but felt it may become necessary if Theresa May's deal failed to get through Parliament.

Mr Vaizey, who was a remain supporter during the referendum, wrote: "I do not support a second referendum. However, if a deal cannot get through Parliament, it may be the only option available to break the impasse, though even that is doubtful.

The Conservative MP continued: "A second referendum will simply divide the country further, while still probably resulting in a vote in favour of Brexit."

MP at Westminster are widely expected to reject Mrs May's deal with the EU, with Britain set to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

Calls are growing for a second referendum on the terms of the deal, but it is not clear what other options - be that 'no deal' or 'remain' - would be on the ballot paper.

Former culture minister Mr Vaizey stressed that he supported the prime minister and her deal.

He explained: "If there is a no confidence vote in the prime minister, I will support her. We cannot possibly change leader at the moment.

Mr Vaizey continued: "I will support the deal if it comes to Parliament. I do not think this turns us into a vassal state. It preserves our economy and trade while ensuring we leave the European Union.

"It will give us the space and time we need to negotiate a proper free trade relationship with Europe."