A BUS company will not serve a park-and-ride after children 'ran into the path' of buses and travellers harassed drivers.

The group camped out at Pear Tree has continued to cause disruption with Oxford Bus Company deciding it can't safely access the park-and-ride bus stop 'until further notice'.

Today Oxford City Council will attend court to seek a warrant to apply for the removal of the travellers in the latest attempt to move the group on.

It comes as drivers who regularly use the car park have spoken of their fear for their safety as they walk past the encampment to reach their cars, especially at night.

In a tweet Oxford Bus Company said Tuesday had been a 'particularly challenging' day for its 300 drivers as well as for passengers.

It added: "The temporary residents within the car park were giving our drivers a very hard time and, with children running around in the path of our buses, the car park was deemed as unsafe."

Buses are now only stopping on the Woodstock Road at the entrance to the park-and-ride 'until further notice'.

Other motorists have been advised to use alternative sites due to the ongoing problems with some who have paid for annual tickets demanding partial refunds.

Meanwhile enforcement officers were seen in Oatlands Recreation Ground in West Oxford yesterday morning.

Here a group of six caravans set up on Sunday but now the county council appears to be taking action.

The vehicles seemingly got on to the grounds by entering from Ferry Hinksey Road, through a small car park opposite West Oxford Primary School.

Travellers have been at Pear Tree since November 19 after they were forced to move on from Thornhill and Water Eaton park-and-rides.

The council suspects they were able to gain access via a broken gate between a field and the park and ride.

Oxfordshire County Council has previously called for more powers from the Government to deal with travellers pitching up on its land.