OXFORD Men's Group says it has had to deal with multiple complaints about a planned film showing at Oxford Town Hall tomorrow - and that some are attempting to stop the screening.

Award-winning documentary 'American Circumcision' is due to be shown at 7pm but some members of the Jewish community have expressed concerned about the motives behind the film.

FULL STORY: American Circumcision: Spat over controversial town hall showing

Oxford Men's Group media co-ordinator Ian Johnson said: "Most of yesterday was spent dealing with the multiple complaints we have received regarding the film screening, including one anonymously stating that efforts were being made to stop the screening.

"Oxford Men's Group is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic association of men and women, we are not antisemitic, or racist, nor is 'American Circumcision'."

Calling the argument 'unnecessary controversy', he continued: "As for the people who have notified us that they will be outside the town hall protesting and handing out anti-semitism and anti-racism leaflets, they will all be politely invited to come inside, calmly watch the film and join in the debate afterwards. I sincerely hope that they take us up on this."

The film's director has labelled critics 'anti-human rights activists'.