THE EX-MAYOR of Witney has hit out at the town council for fostering an environment that puts 'politics before people'.

Chris Holliday resigned as a town councillor for Witney East last Tuesday, writing on Facebook that he did not want to be affected by the 'slow erosion' of the council's values.

Mr Holliday was mayor from 2016 to 2017 and was secretary of the town council Conservative Group until his departure.

The Witney resident explained his motto had always been 'people before politics and service before self', but said the council's recent successes had turned into a 'political point-scoring fiasco'.

He said: "Politics don't belong at town council level. As well as being a ward councillor, you serve the whole town.

"This was a big decision for me as it affects a lot of people.

"It was the slow erosion of the values of a town council and I didn't want it to start rubbing off on me.

"They need to get a grip and stop playing politics."

Mr Holliday also slammed the 'snide comments' of those who voted to remain in the European Union, adding that the Conservative party's Brexit stance had led him to terminate his party membership.

He said: "Because most of West Oxfordshire voted remain I get called some pretty nasty things.