A MUSLIM couple have spoken of how they were subjected to a terrifying racist attack which left them fearing for their unborn baby's life.

The pair, who do not wish to be identified, said their attackers slapped or punched the husband and tried to remove the wife's headscarf - as their terrified three year old daughter watched on.

UPDATE: Bicester pair arrested after racist attack in Banbury

They claim to have been spat at, called f***ing Muslims and physically attacked.

Speaking via city councillor Shaista Aziz, the husband explained: “As we crossed the road, a couple saw us and started shouting aggressively. They called us 'F***ing Muslims' and spat on my wife and daughter through the window."

The incident, at around 1pm, on Sunday, November 18 near Tesco on Lockheed Close, Banbury, then escalated.

The husband continued: "The woman’s face was full of hate. She came out of the car, and physically attacking me. My wife shouted to stop.

"The woman then put both hands on my wife’s head and tried to pull her headscarf off. She pushed my wife, who is seven months pregnant, with force to the ground. She was trying to pull my wife’s scarf off. Our daughter was crying and holding on to her mothers legs. The woman aggressively pushed my daughter, leaving her with a black eye and bruises."

A man then violently attacked the husband, leaving him bloodied and on the bonnet of the attacker's car as they tried to get away.

The pair say they do not feel safe anymore but their unborn baby was unharmed.

Thames Valley Police did not immediately respond to enquiries.