THE OWNER of a much-loved independent record store will review different music systems on national television this Friday.

Gary Smith, of Rapture in Witney's Woolgate Shopping Centre, is appearing on Channel 5's hit technology programme The Gadget Show at 7pm.

The Burford resident was chosen after an Oxfordshire-based director of the show learned about Rapture from sister shop Truck Store, on Cowley Road, Oxford.

Mr Smith spent a day filming at the shop using modern systems playing CDs, vinyl and tape and now hopes the segment will showcase the store’s unique appeal.

He said: “The team at Rapture has been strong advocates for all formats and ways of bringing music into the home.

"This is why we have a loyal customer base who continue to return for the latest releases and also to see our range of turntables, headphones, and more.

“To be involved in a show which focuses on the best quality products for hearing music gives Rapture a fantastic and timely platform to shout about what we do."

The Gadget Show, which has run for more than 350 episodes, is well-regarded as a good source of information on the latest consumer technology.

Presenters Ortis Deley, Georgie Barrat and Jon Bentley joined production crews at Rapture as they filmed the feature on October 17.

Mr Smith ran the rule over the new technology, although his verdict is being kept a closely-guarded secret until the show is broadcast on Friday night.

Rapture has been a popular fixture in Witney since it opened in 2004 and continues to promote music and entertainment from across Oxfordshire.

The shop offers a range of CDs, vinyl and DVDs and associated equipment, including turntables, speakers and headphones.

Rapture's owner put the store's longevity down to its ability to continuously evolve and stay in touch with consumer trends.

He said: "Next year will be our 15th year trading in Witney and we evolved to represent our customers tastes and habits in buying.

"Retail is a tough business and you have to listen to your customers.

"We now sell a whole raft of products that we didn’t sell 15 years ago.

"We believe that the hardware to listen to music on goes hand in hand with selling CD or vinyl.

"That’s how music retail was back in the sixties, so you could say we’re retro."

The Gadget Show feature reflects a rising trend for vinyl among consumers and Mr Smith revealed the store was benefitting from the surge in demand for the older format.

He said: "We are selling an increasing amount of turntable-playing systems and headphones. CD players are still in demand though.

"Our vinyl sales are still increasing year on year - people still love the format.

"There is still that feeling of owning something and collecting, indeed certain albums are an investment."

He added: "There's a demand for cassettes bit I think they will remain fairly niche."

Seven years ago, the Rapture team set up Truck Store after realising Oxfordshire was severely lacking independent record stores.

They attempted to forge strong links with the local music scene and worked closely with Truck Festival founders Robin and Joe Bennett.

This led to the opening of the permanent record store on Cowley Road and it remains a strong role in the community.

In the run up to Christmas, both stores expect their combined top 50 albums of the year will be in demand, but Mr Smith conceded a regular favourite would again top the festive wish list.

He said: "Kate Bush vinyl re-issues are in hot demand at the moment.

"But I think the number one Christmas CD album will be Michael Buble."