Saturday night marked a flawless performance by Jessie J who set the bar high, right from the off.

The British pop princess literally lit up the room as she appeared elegantly amidst a smog of red vibrant smoke, her alluring outline a sparkling silhouette amongst the band.

Set against a dramatic red backdrop, as the lights were switched on, from the get go Jessie’s performance energised an already excited audience with her powerful vocals and intense energy.

And judging by her superfans, all dressed as their icon at various points throughout her career, we were all raring to go, on this, the advent of a new album and a new direction for the pop star.

Because not only did Jessie J allow the audience a chance to sample many of the songs from her new album R.O.S.E., but she also brought out the inner diva in us all with some of her more well-known singles such as Do It Like A Dude and Pricetag.

By comparison, the material from the new album was not only soulful but inspiring, and had a much deeper meaning than many of the songs from her earlier albums.

Jessie J has grown up it would seem, and is happy to chart her struggles and thoughts through her music.

What was even more enlightening was Jessie’s own narration throughout the gig, as she divulged a little about herself and her rise to fame along with the challenges she has faced to get to where she is today.

It allowed the audience to connect with her as a person as well as an artist.

She told us why she sings and makes music, and encouraged us all to believe in ourselves.

So while we have missed her, Jessie J is well and truly back with a vengeance.